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Performing Arts Education
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Developing the 21st Centry

Chinese Opera Performing Artist

Professor Martin LAU

Dean, School of Chinese Opera

The School of Chinese Opera academic programmes aspire to provide a new generation of Cantonese opera performing artists with reflective practice and comprehensive training. Through innovative teaching and learning, the School strives to equip young talents the knowledge necessary to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

Taking a Chance on Dance

Professor Anna CY Chan

Dean, School of Dance

What does a Dance degree offer you for future job options? Is it only training to become a dancer, dance teacher or maybe a choreographer? Is Dance profession always a short-lived career? And how possible can you have a successful career in Dance? Contrary to those frequent misconceptions, there are a range of career paths and job opportunities for dance graduates. Dance majors bring a wealth of workplace skills besides “movements” and “aesthetic”. The very nature of the unique training translates to strong communication and non-verbal skills, problem-solving skills and team collaborations. In this forum, Professor Anna CY Chan will share how the School of Dance prepares their students for a bright future.

Embracing Future Theatre-makers

Ms Estella Wong

Associate Dean, School of Drama

Generally, most people associate drama to acting (actors), directing (directors) and playwriting (playwrights). These are indeed the common known and very well-established positions in the past few decades locally. However, drama and theatre-making can be far beyond that. The recent drama development in Hong Kong and the nearby regions has expanded innovatively into interdisciplinary territories. This forum will discuss how these new developments, the "what and how" of drama and theatre making bring exciting opportunities to our young people.

Screen Production in the 21st Century

Professor Geoffrey Stitt

Dean, School of Film and Television

Screens are ubiquitous in today’s society. Information is accessed through screens.

Commercial practices, formal and informal communications and, of course, performing arts and entertainment are conducted through screens.

The School of Film and Television delivers education primarily in the design of information or entertainment content for consumption via screens. Screen production continues to become ever more consumed within the digital realm. From creative writing to presentation, from concept to audience, students learn to design and execute using computer-based technologies.

This presentation aims to provide an overview of some contemporary screen production processes and explains how these are designed into our new education programmes.

The Musician Artist as Entrepreneur

Professor Sharon Choa

Dean, School of Music

In the current state of the professional music industry, it is no longer enough to simply be a well-honed musician to make way and make waves. It is without doubt that a music student must first and foremost build up a strong music base as an instrumentalist, a singer or a composer; but it is also important that students learn to cultivate their entrepreneurial skills – not in the business sense, but in the sense of becoming cultural leaders, masters of their own career paths, and confident individuals making full use of their talents within and beyond their musical abilities.

Making Theatre Happen

Mr Ben Sumner

Dean, School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts

Few people understand how much is involved in making a piece of theatre. So many different skills are needed to make a production come to life and wherever a student’s talents may lie - whether they are interested in engineering and construction, design, costume or prop making, sound, lighting and video or managing people, schedules and budgets, there is always a place for them backstage. Modern theatre production embraces Virtual Reality, CNC machines and 3D printers alongside more traditional crafts and tools. In this forum, Mr Ben Sumner will share the huge variety of possibilities open to our graduates.